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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Okaaaaaaaaay, two things are on the menu today....

Thing no. 1
I am an impulsive shopper. Like, the day before yesterday, I walk into the Zara store and I see these perfect beige booties and I casually take a pair of my size (Anyone else so experienced they can define what size the shoes are just by looking at them?) (Yeah, yeah, shoes are my weakness) and think how I'm just gonna try them on - just to see. Result? Fifteen minutes later, at 8.30 pm, (while all the shop assistants are either casually chatting or cleaning or slowly getting ready to leave ASAP) I'm standing in front of the mirror in Zara desperately in love with them (Ohhhhh, the leather!!) (Ohhhhh, the color!!) (Ohhhhhh, the perfect heel!!) (Ohhhhh and look at my legs!!) and thinking about all the outfits they fit in. (= gazillion!!) My friend, who was initially looking for boots, comes to me after browsing the store and finding nothing (in the end, I found her a pair, too!!) (Just to feel less guilty) and says: OMG, they are so pretty!! I realise that must be a sign from God (who is actually saying I shall not wait) (& Buy. Them. Right. Now.) and decide I have to have them. Then I think how quickly things disappear from Zara stores (that's probably one of few things which I can't really think of an explanation for - totally bizzare) and end up walking out of Zara store, my wallet much thinner and feeling extatic. 

Thing no. 2  
(btw Thing no.1 and Thing no.2 totally remind me of Bananas in Pyjamas - remember that?!)
I think this whole thing is best to be told in retrospect. So, to begin with the ending - I end up wearing my new favourite boots the morning after.
There were several reasons for that. (& severe consequences, too)
I put them on my shelf just so I can stare at them every time I enter/leave my room. (Usually I stop, too, and take them in my hands and stare at them some more) (& people wonder why I'm always late!!)
The snow was starting to melt and in my street there were no traces of snow at all. (Well, if 'my street' means the few feet I see from my window) 
When I woke up, I saw my denim shirt just waiting for me to wear it. 
And there was nothing better than pairing it with the cute cute cute booties I just bought + there was no visible snow on the ground + if I wear them, I can occassionally look at them every five seconds the whole day.
See? No cons!!
Result? I end up nearly falling every two-three feet because there is still so much snow (and ice!!) (and sometimes that thing between snow and ice - yuck) on the ground it's horrifying + I walk so slow I even get on my own nerves + when I get home my feet hurt so much (because I was walking all day across the city in them) (& the shoes have never been worn before) I walk like I'm trying to shuffle, but am just bad at it. (+ I woke up today and my left foot was still kind of aching, but you never know - maybe I do karate kicks in my sleep)



I'm wearing the coat by me, Topshop shirt, H&M scarf, Mexx jeans, Zara boots and the bag originally from Accessorize but embellished by me

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