Look of the day: AFTER THE RAIN

Monday, February 27, 2012

There's no better feeling than stepping outside a car when the rain stops after pouring down for half an hour and suddenly, there's light and there's sun, but it's still a bit chilly. Just one of many reasons why I love love love spring. (Ohhhh, talking about spring, I can't explain to you how much I miss the sea - if only I had the time to go for a few days and shoot and just enjoy myself, ahhhh!!)
Okay, enough ramble jamble, I should get some sleep already - the time difference between The States and Croatia is killing me. (Oscars talk) (more ramble jamble) 

Ohhh, I promise to do a post soon about how much I love/hate/prefer something (& as usually, mention about 20 different things, too)
Okay, now I really gotta go. See you soon!!


Zara gold sweater, Mexx jeans (addicted), La Redoute shoes (so much fun), my absolute favourite gold Lucija necklace (gifted), my friend's trench (it's Topshop) (I gotta get one for myself, it's amazing), Ray Ban sunnies, H&M bracelet, vintage watch 

One day I'm gonna forget.... hmmmm, possibilities (in in descending order of likelihood):
no.1 - to mention what I'm wearing
no.2 - to  publish the post (after writing it) (and just close the window) (totally amazed how this hasn't happened yet)
no.3 - to upload the photos (& then you'll all be like "what's she quacking about?!") (like you don't question that already)
no. 4 - to just forget about the whole post (although I have the outfit photos)
no. 5 - to forget to even shoot the outfit photos

If the last happens, round's on me everyone.

I really don't know how this post got so long...

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