Saturday, February 4, 2012

I spent the afternoon with my family (and family friends) drinking wine and eating too many dinner courses. We also had cake - this time there were three. (my camera fell asleep (=died) in the moment when the cakes were being brought on the table, sometimes I feel so lucky!!) (they were really pretty - a white one with cheese and pineapple, the black one with dark chocolate and the brown one - a sacher cake) 
I just took all the photos of the gifts I got today... there is one not included in the photos - a spa treatement. (just emagine me doing a dance to I feel good song here)

Photo1 - beautiful words written on the cover of Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs
Photo2 - a necklace I got that has my name on it (in gold), I think it is my favourite (that's why it's in b&w) while I've been craving a name necklace ever since I've first seen SATC
Photo3 - earrings I got from my aunt, in white gold 
Photo4 - another bouquet, love these flowers because of the green pigment in the petals
Photo5 - sparkly earrings in white gold (so me!!) (& seems like everyone's buying me earrings this year - am I unaware of some kind of a tradition here?) (not that I have a problem with it, they are all oh so gorgeous)

I can't tell you how tired I am. Planning two parties, having a birthday in the middle of the week and school are more than I can handle right now. 
Although I got it four days ago, I still haven't tried out my tripod - I just seem unable to find the time. + it's snowing outside and it's so cold my fingers freeze everytime I'm out for more than ten minutes. (I guess someone read all of my posts about how there's no snow this year and made my wishes come true!! Result? Emotinally - I'm super happy. Physically? Totally exhausted of trying not to fall to much. Fashion-wise? Totally screwed. Although I try, you cannot really look too fashion forward while trying to walk the streets when it's -10°C.)
Aaaaahhh. Before I fell asleep sitting at my computer and drool all over my keyboard...


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