Saturday, January 21, 2012

My week was more than busy. Actually, I'm not quite sure if it was busy or am I totally lazy. The holidays really spoiled me and on Monday, when I came to school, I couldn't believe it's on again. 
Reality check.
Total reality check.
But at least this is the last semestr - after this, no more school. Just college. Totally grown up stuff.

Talking about grown-up stuff, I'm turning eighteen in ten days!! Which means that all I think about is the party guest list, chocolate cake and balloons. And gifts, of course. 
So, as I was already spending so much time looking at pretty stuff I would like to get for my birthday, I realized I could as well do a collage and show you, too!!

Sooo, here's my dream list of dream gifts for my dream 18th birthday. See? Magical!!

Jimmy Choo shoes - the combination of feathers and pink? No further explanation needed.
Lanvin scarf - every girl loves diamonds. And diamond prints!!
Proenza Shouler bag - tribal elements are really my thing right now. Proenza shouler bags also.
D&G skirt - tule dress? Princess.
Acne leather jacket - retro. rock. chic.
Marni necklace - seriously amazing. & suits everything!!
Topshop dress - I mean, who doesn't want to look like a 50s dancer?!


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