Fashionista crush: LIZ CABRAL

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Folks, you've probably seen her just recently while eyeing Me, I noticed her some time ago but didn't give it much thought. Dunno why. I was probably too busy at the time. (Ohhh, I have to tell you about me last week and the week before - at my busiest I am also at my funniest) (And the phrase "I was too busy at the time" sounds so cool, like I've been working on some kind of a super secret project for the goverment) 
I don't really understand why I started the post this way. (Except for the ever-present thought I would end up being ├╝ber dramatic)
Anyways, (yep, holidays bring the best in me!) (and the heart attack season, too - just in case you wondered... and how not, I ate so much in the last few days I could be a human machine for recycling food right now - I suppose we all did/could be)... Anyways!! I present you the glowingly beautiful (I don't think anyone used this syntagma ever before) Liz Cabral. 
In case you've lost yourself in the sea of brackets above, it's Liz Cabral.
Yep, Liz Cabral.

She was, I have to admit, the hardest of research I've done up to now when it comes to my Fashionista crush segment of the blog. 
Here are a few entries, from Google, about, well, her:
Fashion Director of FLARE magazine
- loves wearing fur (resulting I love her)
- loves me (for this one I had to meet her in my imagination where she told me that, and we went shopping, with her unlimited Visa) (and that was because my researching skills go as far as the end of Google, which, in this case, wasn't that far) (does this make sense? no?)

Well, photos, shall we?

If you did make it to the end of this post, I congratulate you and leave you with exes & os, gotta run (literally!)


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