Ultimate wish list

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I've already been working on my ultimate wish list for this year's holiday season. (And can you blame me?!)
So, here's the list...

Topshop green maxi dress - perfect for a Christmas party!!
Versace silk printed scarf - suits every coat I can think of (and I can think of an impossible amount of coats)
Ikea Christmas silver candle - I would like fifty of these for all around my house (+ I really hope they smell nice!)
Jil Sander leather wedge booties - can it get any better than this, seriously?!
Day Birger Et Mikkelsen silk top - ohhhh, I've been in love with this cutey for a long time
J Crew striped sweater -stripes + sequins, you don't need to say anything more, I'm already super in love
Carrine Roitfeld's Irreverent - who doesn't want to have this on their coffee table?
Tom Ford Bitter Bitch nailpolish - I don't know which is better - the name or the shade
Dorothy Perkins faux fur jacket - reminds me of Jeti, and I always feel like Jeti when it's -100°C
Givenchy metal and leather bracelet - suits me better than all the Hermes versions everybody's wearing these days
Rag&Bone wool hat - ohhh, excuse moi, while I pass by, wraped into all the chic there is 

Of course there will be more of silly little things I will crave for until Christmas, but this kind of represents what I dream of these days.


Tell me your ultimates, maybe I crave for something of yours, too ;)

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