Inspiration: WINTER

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ohhh, winter is my faaaaaaaavourite part of the year - just give me loads of snow and Christmas lights and there you have it, I act like teenage girls when they read Twilight, all mushy gushy - I even sparkle!
Okay, now serious - I even have to restrain myself not to listen to all the Christmas songs when it gets below zero. (And it did!! Finally!!) Maybe it's because I was born on a snowy day in January, I don't know - but you name it, I love it all - Christmas, mulled wine, skiing, skating, snowball fights... oh, I forgot hot chocolate! Oh, and squirrels! (Squirrels in the snow = Lucija melts!!) You gotta love hot chocolate! (I kind of also love when everything is frozen and there is ice everywhere and you can walk properly) (No matter that I fall) (A lot!!) 
And also, everything is oh-so-white and everyone's face is all rosy and everything looks so insanely pretty. So, to kind of properly celebrate the winter, I give you some inspirational white, white and white. 

Photos: Conde Nast Traveller, National Geographic, Tumblr


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