Fashionista crush: EMMA STONE - RED CARPET LOOKS

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I had the toughest time deciding if I'm going to post about Emma Stone. 
Problem no.1 is you all already know her. 
Problem no.2 is she is no fashionista. 
Problem no.3 is I'm way too biased to even talk about her since I would die to have her hair stylist as my hair stylist.
But what the heck, fashion is a free country and I say Emma Stone's red carpet moments deserve space on my blog. (If I was the only one reading this blog - I would post only the photos of her head cause I don't really know how I even see garments on her when I'm constantly "Aaaah" and "Ohhhh"-ing because of that shiny, constant-changing-colors hair)

I love her in all the Lanvin pieces, she's the perfect girl for the brand.

Admit it, you love her too!!


(photo credit: tfs, tumblr, google photos)

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