What would old Lucija do?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Like two years ago, you could have called me a little fashion rasist. There was no fashion view acceptable for me except my own. Which ment several things (and some of those things I still do think are valuable fashion rules) (I should definitely do a post about my fashion rules!!) (some of them are not silly at all!), but the most important of all was - no sneakers. EVER.
I was so pissed at everyone who would wear sneakers with a dress. Or a skirt. (Or, well, anything)
For me, sneakers were for running (in a gym, with as little people as possible around) - not going out in the sunlight where you can be seen. 
I was eager about the whole no-sneaker idea for a long time, actually. And I wore none in that time. (Except for in a gym) (Who am I kidding, I don't even go to a gym) (I wish I were, it would sound so chic - Today, after my yoga class - yes, my yoga class!...) (I have to start going to yoga classes) (Seriously, I will) (After I finish my Big Mac)
Slowly, I started hating the whole thing less and less until one day I was shopping with my mom and walked into the Högl store and saw these. They were divine. (they are actually similar color to the one you see in the photo - such a rich grey color) (Don't ask me why the photo is black&white, I have a serious problem with doing that once I open every single photo in photoshop) (You know, how sometimes the whole point of the photo when you were shooting was about the color - well, don't ever trust me with your photos in photoshop - Adios, colorita!!)
They remind me a little of hiking boots and they are really really cool. (And as I'm the coolest person ever to have walked the Earth - we all know it, what's the point in hiding it!! - there was no doubt, I had to buy them)

Ah, well, the ignorance-is-bliss thing didn't last much. The first time I've worn them I felt like I was five again and going to buy milk because my mom told me to. You know how, in some situations, you get the devil you and the angel you fighting over some thing you're about to do? (Or not?!) (Yeah, probably not) (It's such a good thing I'm sharing all of my psycho stuff with the world) In this case, in my head were fighting the old me and the new me.
Old Lucija was all about how could I do that and how sneakers are miles from chic and blablabla. (She would not shut up for a loooong time) (Just like me!) (It's no wonder we are the same person, ha!!)
New Lucija had a hard time dealing with the accusations and, let's be honest - who wouldn't? People change, sometimes it's hard to accept it happens and the once forbidden things become normal things. (Look at me going all Ghandi at you!!) (My next goal is to start a new cult) (& in order to join you'll have to buy me a really nice bag) (After that, to move on to the next level - Alexander Wang shoes) (Uhhh, that would be a nice closet) (And when you want to move to the highest level you buy me an apartment for my clothes) (So cool, wanna join?!)
Oh, well, the old Lucija did shut up eventually, although she is still here somewhere and every time I look down at my sneakers, I think how better the heels would work with my outfit. Oh, I guess I still prefer the elegance over the cool. 
But you have to be cool sometimes. (Even the yoga girls!)

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