Wednesday, October 5, 2011

After waking up at 5.20 for the 50th time in the last month (yeah, yeah, my months have twice more days than yours, don't even try to understand - I'm just so good at exaggerating and this was a terrific chance) (This post is actually about how funny I am when I exaggerate) (Lucija = the exaggerator!!) (Can you imagine that to be my profession?!) (You know, in a conversation: What do you do? I'm a chef. And you? -Ohhh, so boring, your job. I'm an exaggerator!)  I realized I'm just not into dressing any more. If it was up to me, it would be all bikinis in school. (And for that matter, the weather is just right for swimmwear!!) (I promise, I won't start about the whole why-is-summer-not-gone-yet thing again - I'm just gonna say - SERIOUSLY, STILL?!)
And flip flops, soooo cool! And after the second period, pool time! Up on the roof! 

Yeah, back to the reality - most of the time I'm so happy if I'm able to talk myself into getting out of the bed  that when I do get up I realize I'm already late which means all the time I need to stand in front of my closet and choose what-with-what is gone and I'm like - this is clean, yeah, great, that.

Wow, such a fashionista.

So, as you must have figured until now, I am all so busy these days. And most of what I put on is really simple (shirts are so in here at LucijaLand), but I developed a sistem of mixing animal prints (I don't know if you can call this a print - my shoes are made out of cow hair and the bag is real leather, but yeah, you know what I mean) + a really cool man's watch + LOVE (my new opsession) (to prove how in love I am I'm just gonna say it weighs 6pounds and I still carry it around like a maniac all the time) (don't try doing that - looks chic, but causes terrible back pains) (unless you have a driver, than just don't do anything Chuck Bass wouldn't and you'll be fine) + my iPhone and my Starbucks coffee thermos (for super rough mornings) (who am I kidding, for all of them, I'm such an addict) that gives it a new level and I can walk around with some dignity.

What do you say, do you like mixing animal prints? (btw, I should totally stop exploiting the use of brackets, right?!) (Although it's totally fun) (So fun that if I ever write a book, it's gonna be written cover to cover like this)

(watch by Guess, clutch by me, shoes by La Redoute)


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