Tuesday, October 25, 2011

As you are all quite aware of, my opsessions tend to change. A lot. (That's what makes me special) (And so funny, ah!!) Today I was thinking about the ones that didn't fade through the time and that define me as a person. So, if you'll ever be thinking about buying me a gift - just choose one item from the following categories:

My latest obsessions in terms of clothing is fur - yesterday I found a beautiful white fur + leather jacket. Pure perfection! (Gonna buy it) (Really soon) (Yeah, yeah) (I'm kind of into writing songs today, too) (Yeah, yeah) (See?! Soooo talented!!)
And in terms of lifestyle - I started watching One tree hill again. (It's genius, I forgot how genius it is, really!!) (All the high school drama kind of takes your mind of the real high school you go to) (And you get an extra portion of drama next to your own) (Seriosly, genius!!) That doesn't mean I started wearing sneakers, but soon, just to tell you, I'll start to have a serious crush on Peyton and black will take on a whole new dimension. (This is a warning!) 
And it kind of reminded me of all the things I love and that inspire me (you know, because of Lucas and basketball, Peyton and art and music etc etc.) so I decided to share some of them with you. (I'm so random today I'm hilarious) 
And, oh, what do you think about the bleached hair trend? Green or pink? Or no-no? And what do you think I think? Well, i have to tell you, I LOVE IT. It makes me wish I had long hair!

photo credit: tumblr


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