Look of the day: BAD HAIR DAY, no. 1001

Thursday, October 13, 2011

We've all had bad hair days. I know how it is. At least I thought so. And then, today, it was like - BOOM! - a whole new world of messy hair opened in front of my eyes. As my hair is short (I've had it like this for 6 months or so) and I'm trying to grow my it long again it's been super hard to think of something that will work since it's naturally curly. (Curly is just a polite way of saying **cked)
First, I figured, let's be practical.
SOLUTION no.1 - I'm just gonna put the whole bottle of hair spray on my hair and you know, go with the flow  and look like Johnny Bravo. 
Yep, super cool.
Then, when I saw myself in the mirror (and after good five minutes and several semi-faintings) I decided to wash my hair.
SOLUTION no.2 - wash & dry - simple, quick and has a decent outcome (if you can call half Justin Bieber half Hermione Granger decent); problem - after a week of just washing it 2x a day there's no hair left.
And no, I didn't do that crazy Britney thing where she shaved her hair in a shop. (Was it a shop? Did she even buy the damn thing in  the end?) (I don't think it was a shop, but I would have been pretty cool, right?!)
SOLUTION no.3 - wear a hat - yeah, that one was actually really great until I left the house without it. (and my iPhone, and my Moleskine notebook, and my make up kit, and my camera - don't ever trust me with anything!!) 

The whole point of this post is that I'm protesting against the rules of nature, chromosomes and genes and from now on (for the next six months it's just 3/4 Lucija!!) all you're gonna get is photos from the neck down until I get an assistant/mind reader to take my hat and my iPhone and my notebook and my make up kit and my camera for me. (Oh, tres chic!!!! I'm gonna just put a hat in front of my face than!!)
Sponsors? Anyone?

Shirt - Topshop, jacket - Benetton, skirt - vintage, booties - La Redoute, bag - H&M, watch - vintage, ring - vintage


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