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Friday, August 12, 2011

Today I'm gonna talk about addictions. No, wait, addictions are the ones you can't really get rid of. Mine are kinda less serious, in a way. Obesessions is better. Problems is fine, too. 
My mom told me that when I was young, and by that I mean when I was a toddler, and later a child (nowdays I'm still young and pretty foolish so I am kinda like a big child with no dippers involved - when you look at it, every parent's dream!), I had phases of liking things. And I had to have those things every day, all day, like there will be no tomorrow. First came the color red, when I was five. That was the year when my closet was no longer just a closet, it was an explosion of tomatoes, carrots and watermelons. You name the shade of red - I had it. 

The year after that, it was pink that I was crazy about. My mum almost got nuts because all the stuff I already had wasn't something I wanted to wear anymore. It was red, and I wanted pink. So we went Barbie that year.
And I didn't stop there – after that I wore only stripes, than flower prints and than black only (you are probably thinking – she was thirteen or so, and you're completely right – I looked like a complete dumbass with too much eyeliner).
More over, my craziness wasn't focused only on clothing – I drank only orange juice, chocolate milk, Cockta then Orangina, in that order through the years. And when I say only,  I mean only. My family had to keep stashes of my latest obesession because I only wore/drank/ate/listened to that. Nothing else, for months.

Today, my obesessions are different and somehow less intense, but they still exist. For instance, I drink only martinis and eat only roasted squids with fries. Until I discover something else worth overconsumating.
What happens after, you wonder? Do I get sick of it? Oh yeah, if it's food, I probably won't eat it for 20 years or so, and if it's clothing I'll put it somewhere out of my sight because it's been around too much. But until that moment of disgust, it's complete love.

OMG, I sound like a complete and utter maniac.

This all was just an introduction into why I am doing this post. I wanted to do more outfit posts when I realized I can't do more because I'm constantly wearing the same shirt - my latest obesession. And you know what my biggest problem is? I hate wearing the same thing twice in some period of time, and then I have to wear it over and over. Total conflict of... everything. My sane me is weaker than the crazy me. 
And then I get super creative and figure how to be super creative about one shirt. Here's what I came up with.

I bought it in Budapest a year ago in H&M. Love at first sight (and it's green! All thing look better in green! Don't you love the shade?!)


H&M top (underneath the shirt), Benetton shorts, Topshop shoes, Vintage bracelets, Ray Ban sunglasses, Snakeskin clutch by me


Skirt by me, Hilfiger shoes, Accessorize clutch, Asos bracelet


Asos dress, Vintage bag, Vintage rings, Converse sneakers, Necklace by me

See? Complete madness!
Which one you like best? And is this just me, or is this thing contagious?


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