Diary of a shopaholic: HOW NOT TO PANIC & SHOP PEACEFULLY

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I've decided (to be precisely, I've been deciding for 23 minutes now) to introduce a new feature to my blog.
It's gonna be super fun, as all the stuff on my blog is - you don't have to nod here while you're reading, I know I'm right and you know I'm right and that makes us... hmm, well - glam, chic, cool and rock stars all in one.
I don't know if I'm super cheerful today because of all the sugar intake (pancakes with nutella) or is it because today was finally somehow less hot than usual. But I am, and my goal today is... no, not goal, but mission, yep fellow soldiers of fashion, to make you as happy with my today's feature.
Now (like a thousand words later) would be the time to tell you all about it, right?
But before I do, I'm gonna pretend to be Ted Mosby  in HIMYM for a while and take you a few hours into the past...
I finally decided it was time to do some serious shopping - I'm going on yet another vacation on 22nd, Malta (a teeny tiny island in the Adriatic, super cool!) so I need a few tops and maybe a dress in order to survive the heat gracefully, but I also need to start thinking about fall (yeeey!).
So, I was going to make a list of my favourite items and then just go and buy them online when all of a sudden, a dark witch came out of nowhere somewhere between Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins site and told me - NO MORE SHIPPING TO CROATIA.
You know how when you watch a medical series or movie and somebody is crashing, how that machine measuring heart rate becomes a bold line, no more ups and downs? Yep, totally like that.
But I wasn't ready to give up yet, I love Topshop too much. I googled all the courir services avaliable in Croatia so I could order stuff to be shipped in one of the nearby countries and then delivered, and well - in the end, all of them do something (I'm not sure what exactly, but I would bet they do some pretty nasty stuff and all of what sites say is just a cover up), but not something I could benefit from. At all.
That's when I decided to eat too much pancakes.
And of course, of course there isn't a single Topshop store in Malta where I'm going next nor they are shipping there. 
I'm not giving up on Topshop yet, I'm just taking a break before I eat everything there is in my fridge. 
I'm gonna find a way, true love always finds its way in the end. Even when half of it lives in Balkan. (funny yet cruel)
And now, completely heart-broken (and full) I'm giving you:
WANTED! (all the pieces made my heart skip a beat today)

I'm planning on buying some of these - just not quite sure how I'm gonna squeeze all of them into the budget. I tried, it is like a titanium box - no squeezing.

I'm super in love with snakeskin print, green is always my favourite and I think this fall I'm wearing loads of beige, grey and BLACK. Finally, my closet looks too much Andy Warhol, too little Coco Chanel.
In the order above: Topshop, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, See by ChloƩ, Underground x Ash (as seen in Nylon), Mango, Setareh Mohtarez (one of my latest discoveries, her designs are amazing!), Asos, BCBG Max Azria, Topshop, Rodarte for OC, Zara, House of Harlow, Parker, T by Alexander Wang, H&M, DKNY

In love yet?


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