Sunday, January 20, 2013

My birthday is in 11 days and I decided to give you something for my birthday as for me enough of a gift are all your visits and comments here.
So I teamed up with FIFTH AND ORIENT, a  California-based jewelry shop. They launched their site in June of 2012 and sell jewelry from various designers.
I did a selection of my favourite pieces for you in the photo above - they have an amazing variety of boho items (those gold bangles are made for to be worn with maxi dresses!), but if you have a more simplistic approach to fashion there are plenty of easygoing pieces there, too.
One of my absolute favourites are the bracelets and rings by Amy Waltz which are engraved with personalized messages - before your purchase them you just say the word you want on your ring and voila, you have a unique piece which can also be a powerful source of inspiration when worn.

Okay, enough talking.

You can win a 50$ certificate to buy whatever you want from the site.*

Sounds good?
I thought so :)

Here are the rules:
1) You have to be following me - choose whatever option suits you best (on your right you'll find links for Facebook, Twitter, Google connect, Bloglovin etc)
2) Leave a comment below (with you email adress!)

Also, check out Fifth and orient's media channels:

The giveaway is open until January 31! And yes, it's open internationally!

*that includes everything by Fifht and Orient but the featured designers


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