Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December is a month when stories are told. So, in the spirit of that spirit, I decided to tell you a few stories myself. To be exact, I'll tell you five - all somehow closely related to fashion in a way you maybe didn't think of before.

I've often been told that I'm crazy for loving this 'stuff' (meaning fashion) so much and that fashion is merely spending money on things I'll only need once or twice. And since December is a month in which you watch too many movies too - quotes are in order:
'And what they did, what they created was greater than art because you live your life in it.' (Devil wears Prada)

And now, lemme begin with the stories. (all the stories are captured in the collage above, obviously)

#1 A story about a travel

Two years ago (or was it three? I'm not really good at remembering exact facts) my mom took me to Vienna, just before Christmas. When I was a kid, it was kind of a tradition to go somewhere outside Croatia every year for a day just to shop. My mom always took me with her and even now (with my terrible memory) I remember running around H&M stores (those where the times when there wasn't an H&M on every corner) picking out things for everyone - happy times. We wanted to go somewhere together like that again and it was only logical to choose Vienna as it's oh-so-beautifuuuuul. That day it was actually quite warm in the morning when we were departing and I dressed in a coat and jeans, but didn't bother to take anything else with me. So when we got there and started sightseeing, my butt was literally freezing and my mom was laughing at me and because she's my mom, she first took me to H&M (ah, memories!) and bought me a beautiful white scarf and a beanie and then bought me a cup of hot hot hot coffee at Starbucks. So everytime I wear that scarf - and I gotta tell you - it's traveled with me to ski trips, one-day adventures, and been in too many snow fights, I think of cinnamon and hot tea that night we drank at the Christmas fair and the best pancakes with metled chocolate while envisioning Vienna's skyline in the background. Oh my. 

#2 A story about a birthday
You know how much I love my birthday. Everyone knows how much I love my birthday. That's probably why my friends and family always try to properly react when that day comes. My last birthday was also le grand 18th and it was really special to feel that kind of love from everyone. My three friends knew how much I was in love with last season's fur coat trend and they also knew I was eyeing a special one in Zara for some time but somehow never brought myself to buy it so they did for me and actually succeeded in surprising me. So when the first snow fell this year and I realized that it's finally cold enough to wear it I immediately thought of Angry birds (second part of the gift), Chanel (third part of the gift), chocolate cake (which we ate that day instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner) and my girl friends. Oh happiness.

#3 A story about a child within
I am a sucker for anything sparkly, pink or that has a bow on it. You can freely call me a child.
My Mickey Mouse ears I bought not so long ago but never worn (because you cannot really wear these anywhere) are that kind of thing you just somehow have to have no matter what. (Something like that extra slice of tiramisu)
It's enough for me to get a glimpse of them in the morning to make me feel a little better. They are that instant make-you-feel-better factor. Almost like my own X factor. X factor called Sparkles.

#4 A story about a party

I love special dresses. Those you wear only once. That have special meaning. That stand for bow chicka wow wow in your mind. Those kind of dresses.
I have a few, not gonna lie. They're just too important to be worn at all times. 
This one dress is my kind of a special dress. I chose to tell you about this one because it is linked to a travel - all my favourite garnments have been bought while travelling - and is also linked to a party. It was a dress I searched for a long time and when I see it I remember how after only an hour I managed to spill red wine on it (real class as always) and how after that crisis passed I had so much fun that the next day was much more than just a hangover.

#5 A story about not-so-ordinary days

One day my grandfather told me he had something for me. It turned out to be a bag full of unused leather that he found from his days when he was working as a shoemaker. It was one the best gifts ever for me as it was so unexpected (I don't know why, but surprises are so much fun for me) and it inspired me to do something with it. So I made a bag. By hand. With no previous experience. It made my grandpa proud. And it made me happy.
That little piece of hand-stiched leather always reminds me of our talks and how whenever I bough a new pair of shoes I would come to him for advice and professional opinion.
It also reminds me that if you try hard enough and have an imaginative mind (just like I did with the idea for the bag) you can make it happen. Maybe not immediately (it took me days to get the bag done by hand) but it will happen. If you want to make it possible, you'll find a way.

Fashion doesn't necesarrily mean Dior or De la Renta. I mean, yeah, we all strive to one day be able to wear and work with industry's best, it's like when you are a young aspiring actor, your ultimate goal will always be to win an Oscar. But the journey is the destination sometimes, and fashion, and a fashionable life itself is living your best while looking and feeling your best. And that always means much more than just clothes.


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