Sunday, December 16, 2012

If you're anything like me you'll let Christmas sneak up on you (although you are listening to Christmas songs since October) and be like 'OMG, gifts!' 'It's Christmas in a week' 'Whaaaaaaat now?' and start panicking in 3, 2, 1... cause, you know, it's Christmas. In no-time. And you're not ready. At all.

So I decided to make a Christmas shopping guide like no other and give you everything your best friend, mom, grandma, cousin or daughter might wish wether she's 15 or 60+.
Let's begin. Take notes, folks!

Scented candles - a simple yet tasteful bit of luxury affortable to anyone and desired by everone
DIY christmas ornaments - personalized, chic and spot on, the right question is: Why not?
Fashion illustration - if someone has an eye for interior design, this is a what you should be thinking about (Ebay and Etsy are meccas for aspiring illustration artists)
Vogue, The editor's eye - it's already a classic, a book for everyone's coffee table (hit Amazon, but I think even local bookstores should be enough)
Makeup kit - something women rarely want to spare money for, so why not indulge them? A hit whatsoever (these are Sigma's - affordable and recommended by a lot of beauty bloggers)
Sleep mask - cause who doesn't want to look like a queen while sleeping? (this particual one is from

Jewelry holder - if your friend is using empty wine bottles as a home for jewelry cause she's a jewelry maniac like me; there are all kinds avaliable, even Disney's got their versions (this one by Urban Outfiters)
Moleskine's Le Petit Prince Planner - there's no planner like Moleskine's and there's no story like Le Petit Prince
Headphones/iPhone case - for gadget freaks (Sony and Topshop's version are displayed here, I recommend these as fairly cheap)
Pillows with a special message - for princesses/queens out there (this one iz Zara home)

Cartier's love bracelet - if you truly wish to express love (in the most expensive manner), this is the way
Perfume - this one can be tricky, but if you know the person well enough, why not? (this one's Viktor & Rolf)
Oxfords - chic yet comfortable, attractive to and desired by almost any woman (these are by Joanna Welted)
Scarf/gloves - is there a better way of saying 'I am fashion' to the world then by wearing a statement scarf or eye-catching gloves in the winter? (Marc by Marc Jacobs/River Island)

Oh, and don't forget to wrap all your presents beautifully. For me, glitter's the way to go, but bows are acceptible, too! (Maybe both, for that matter, would be perfect?! ;))


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