Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Okay just a quick Christmas post and then I'm off to watch Harry Potter. Oh wait, not just one, all of them. (it's my synonym for holidays) (and when I'm sad) (actually Hogwarts is my home, and when I'm eleven again, I'll get my letter, just so you know)

(quick caption: ho ho ho santa/ christmas lights/ gifts / I was baking a cake and it's delicious/ our trees and decorations / cupcakes and chocolate cakes I baked/ the gifts)

I just wanted to wish you MERRY MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS, GUYS. 
I want you to be happy, to eat way too much french macarons, to listen to Christmas songs and dance in your underwear, to experience as much glitter as possible and to be with your dearest ones all day all night.
I also hope you got presents which were so fluffy you almost died. 

And now, my resolutions. Oh wait, that's now. That's for New Year's. 
Okay then, pass me the egg nog?


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