Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'll divide this into chapters for super easy use & also so I don't have to print out a manual to guide you through my guide. (+ it's cool that you can skip half of the text that way) (or read everything and than tell your grandchildren) (or both)

A look back

When I first learned fashion is not just a sweater you buy at Target and the fact that, yeah, there is a week where there are runways, I was, if I'm being really honest, a whole other person. That was three years ago.
When I started learning about fashion and how this world works, it was a little bit different than now as fashion blogs were in their early stages and there were no fashion houses + bloggers/editors/socialites collaborations, or at least not in this extent as there are now, so it was much more challenging to dig through information in order to figure out, that yeah, most of what we see on the runway never even hits the stores or that there are sample sales. (even now Croatia is oh-my-god still waiting for the first-ever such event)
You could either graciously save for Vogue every month (which is like saving for a half of a dress in Croatia) and learn little by little and gather info as you go, klicking your way into the depth of not-so-organized sites, or, well, give up. Now, you just need to spend a week browsing a few confession blogs to figure out what before took an eternity.

The beginning
At first, I didn't know what to do with myself. I mean when you look at it it's not like you pick up a style while walking down the street. It's learning, thinking, planning, buying smart. So I should probably say to you that three years ago I did not buy things according to a plan. (Cause I don't think I really knew such a concept exist) I was like a little kid - whichever skirt had the most glitter, I had to have it. (Don't get me wrong, I still end up in the end of stores where there are tutus... I just don't purchase them anymore. Well at least not that much)
So I ended up with 2305847 different styles hanging in my closet, sometimes in wrong shapes, sometimes colors, and sometimes, and lemme tell ya, I'm not even joking right now, and sometimes even sizes. (It might fiiiit - I cannot button it now because I had this for lunch but it will totally fit tomorrow, yeah, sure, I'll buy it) (Or: Oh, well, like anyone will notice that it's slightly loose here - it's boyish... and it was 3 size too big) (But it's such a good bargain/ OMG look it's on sale!!)
Yeah. Typical. Now I just want to take that big old-fashioned wooden pastry roller and hit myself 3x on the head for it.

Baby steps
Here's something I figured along.
#1 Basics are everything - it's something your mother keeps telling you since you were twelve, but like some other things, you get it when it hits you and not a second before (you know, how for example you keep falling for the same player type of guy and after the one hundredth and first date you're suddenly a whole new woman with a whole new perspective in life? Yeah that)
So to be clear - invest in a good coat, boots, sweater, quality shirt, underwear, a perfect pair of jeans
#2 Not every trend there is is yours to wear - this one for me was hard to learn; let's just say that now I know that the pieces Korean girls wear in the Gangam Style video are not mine to shine in
#3 You can never be the only-wearing-heels/only-wearing-flats kind of girl - /this one applies to real fashion people only because if you're not that into fashion living in sneakers is a perfectly reasonable living option for you/ - you know the saying: Women Can't live with them, can't live without them. (For me it's flats here)
* There are more but as I'm a trying to be a good student... (oh, college's so much fun)

Here and now
As my life is song lyrics for the last couple of days, or to put it better I'm a human jukebox on shuffle - it's something like this... 'Before you came into my life, I've missed you so bad... I've missed you sooo sooooo bad!' - this goes so good with my latest wisdoms.
You know, it's actually really true - until I bought my perfect sweater/LBD/Converse/insert-your-favourite I didn't even know how much I needed them to help me build unique but simple everyday outfits. (Sometimes this goes for those one-of-a-kind extravaganzas, too)

Uuuups, I did it again
And all this makes me wonder, kind of Carrie Bradshaw style for that matter - How does style evolution end? Or is the question where? Or does it end all together? Ever?
Is it maybe (just) about finding the right clothes for your height/figure/age/all together and something that also says 'Hey, that's me!' when you march into a room? Just. 
Aaaaand... is it only about the clothes or does it also apply to the right make up - like finding just the right shade of lipstick - and the right hair lenght (and keeping it shiny and pretty) and this and that and so on and on... 

I think style is such a wide term that there's no stopping once you start your evolution. You just keep keep going. 

*I don't get how every single time I do a post on a certain topic I end up talking about something completely else from what I had in mind when I started. I don't even know how I got here but yeah, I guess scratching a surface counts for something, right?
** Why am I saying so much of Yeah recently? Yeah.
*** The photo: Zara heels, Converse 


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