What I snapped: #5

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Okay, so - lemme first say this was a totally unexpected post. I wasn't even aware until 10 mins ago I was gonna do it. So yeah. Try to keep up with the story (which will, as always, be perfectly told and not at all confusing) and connect the dots. (I blame the Avicii/Maroon 5/Coldplay mix that's playing right now for my super duper energy kick) (+ oh, and maybe ice cream too?)
I planned on doing an outfit post for today, but Monika (the lovely girl in the photos) (also, one of my dearest friends) (also, the one to blame for me not being able to fully stand on my right foot because I twisted my ankle while walking in 5 inch heels uphill when the grass was super slippery) called me a few days ago and said she wanted me to finally (and by finally she meant after two years of endless shoot dates which were one by one cancelled for this or that reason) take photos of her. 
Monika's super simple when it comes to outfits so I wanted to do a relaxed, easygoing shoot. In traslation, see what happens once we start. No preparation, no planning. We didn't even think about the location too much - the lake Bundek first came to my mind so we went there yesterday.
And while shooting, although I was pleased with the photos, I didn't think they would look this good on screen. But then, when, an hour or so ago, I finally sat in front of my computer and opened photoshop - surprise surprise. So I had to show it to you, right?
See? Unexpected. And I totally love it.

Which one's your favourite?


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