Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I guess it's the same in fashion as is in life - the best things (just think of love) come when you least expect it. You stumble upon them - for me, it's a new coat I happen to find in a shop online or a new location for a photoshoot I see while driving nowhere in particular. 
As I spend way too much time sitting in front of my computer (that's just my back talking while in pain) I share my findings with you (well, some of them - I ain't giving you everything on a plate at once) - less known brands and people whose work is extraordinary, but many are unfamiliar with. 

If you checked out any of the streetstyle blogs lately, you had to notice all the well-known socialites wearing mirrored lens sunglasses. Spektre is an italian brand that does it better than any other company. If you're in Italy or France, you can try them on in one of their stores. If not, you'll have to risk buying them online - although it's not such a risk, they look too good anyway.

My favourite: Olive Green

Apres Ski is a Barcelona-based brand that produces unique jewelry inspired by cosmos and nature, geometry and animals. They do things with love so you'll receive your package in a special box designed either by their team or a Canadian artist Mark Swaney. 

My favourite: Saturn necklace

I don't remember when I first found out about Edie Parker's design, but I've been a fan ever since. If you live in the USA, you've probably seen her designs at Barneys, Bergdorf's or Saks.
Brett Heyman, the designer, worked for Elle, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Giorgio Armani prior to founding the line.

My favourite: Silver Confetti Jean model

Mikkat Market is a perfect place to shop if you want to buy quality items made with care and thought for way less than a hundred bucks. It offers beautifully crafted items that create a modern, down-to-earth look with a twist.

My favourite: Embossed gold shorts

Finding a perfect iPhone case can be a real drag. If you are as picky as I am these Grovemade cases can present the optimal mixture of uniqueness and high quality design. 
And who else has a wooden case for their iPhone?

My favourite: Japanesque

Have an amazing Tuesday!


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