Tuesday, August 28, 2012

(boyfriends shorts and canvas bag - H&M, Accessorize hat)

There's this paradigm in fashion - once you step into the summer, you shall dress down.

It refers to fashionista round the world who, during the other three seasons dress impeccably, with thought and sometimes (and I will state, not so rarely) over the top. It's just the way it is, when you enter the fashion world you kinda sign that social contract where you agree to obey the one rule and one rule only - to be as individualistic, as unique, as different as possible. (Which, in Croatia, has its lovely perks - weird stares are my fav) In order to maintain the fashion aura, we sometimes wear heels to school/college/coffee dates in the middle of the day just to satisfy our need for that much-needed fashion kick. (Not many perceive this, but it's guaranteed that a fashionista's depression will be cured by wearing a silk Dries Van Noten skirt) (just like a normal human beign will tragicomically wear a hoody to make a statement to the world that, yeah, he/she is depressed today) 
So, when it starts being hot as hell somewhere in the beginning of June, there is this silent agreement amongs fashionistas that kind of yells: (you get it - it's silent, but it's yelling) (oh I'm so funny) TAKE OFF THOSE 5 INCH HEELS AND OPT FOR CANVAS.
And I gotta tell you, no matter how delicious that may seem, it's not that easy to switch to the easygoing thing just like that. One day you're the perfect envision of chic and the next you're in flip flops. Hmmmmm.
How to be easygoing and get that dose of grunge (you know grunge's back? oh yeah, that'll be fun) without looking, well, like you've lost your fashion mojo altogether.
Well I don't think it's really something you can make rules for, but as I love making rules (and I love love love breaking them even more) I shall try no matter what:

1/ Leather sandals instead of flip flops - it's just that I really can't stand the sound of water-filled flip flops (you know that pluck-pluck pluck-pluck pluck-pluck sound)(just like some screwed-up animal) and whatever you wear, leather sandals always look insanely good and what's most important - it's easygoing. So Bingo!

2/ Hats - just buy as many as you can... canvas, cotton, big, small, patterned - perfect accessory, and yep, chic.

3/ Sunnies - if you have your perfect pair, don't take them off. If you don't, go and find your perfect pair. And then don't take them off. Even when it's 2am and you're dancing on the beach to Avicii's Levels - you'll just look 10x cooler.

4/ Shorts - my choice is light denim, but give yourself a chance to go a little nuts and opt for whatever you like, maybe even military? (cause that's back too, oh yeah) Wear with a simple white tee or a bikini, if you have the body and courage for it. And, of course, #3 ;)

5/ Mascara - sun's shining, make up's non-existent and you're way to lazy - just add mascara after the beach for a perfect night out. (For a perfect day, either use waterproof or none at all) (those times when you forget to take your mascara and remember just when you dipped in the water... let's say you won't be getting out of the water soon)

6/ Friendship bracelets - (or for that matter any other kind of colored bracelets) I took a trip to my lil sister's closet only to find stacks of pearls ready to be made into perfect little bracelets, no need to spend your hard-earned money on jewelry, it's better to invest that in cocktails ;)

But you know what? Although I was insanely happy with how I could dress it down (and that doesn't mean I didn't freak out from time to time because all of my favourite dresses were of no purpose for three full months) and it's actually quite easy to stop being bothered by fashion when it's all sea and fun 24/7, but I've been looking to fall more and more every day. 
It's time to bring back those layers. I guess even the fashionistas can do easygoing only for so long.


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