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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

As I mentioned before, (aka yesterday) I'll talk about my newest findings today. (To myself, at this very moment I sound like a biologist who discovered a new species) (Well, I didn't, not in that way) (But I look super cool with my glasses on, just like a marine biologist) 
Okay, you got me. It was not me who discovered this thing, (I'll tell you what it is in a minute, I just like the suspense) but my friend. But still, I was there. And know, I'll show it to you so that some of you can go to. 

Ohhh, and a few key thingies... (so you'll fall in love a little bit more)
Name: Velvet Café
Where: Zagreb, Croatia (The street's name is Dezmanova)
When: I think the time doesn't matter that much, but don't go there on a full stomach
Why: 1) the menus are placed in old books (quite lovely, I shall say); 2) the interior is perfect; 3) & so is the food (At least that's what I heard); 4) everyone's really nice there; 5) it's really really reaaaaally chic
Something special: crystal chandeliers (sooo perfect, couldn't stop staring at them!!)
Something special no.2: there are two parts of the café - the white one and the black one (actually, the white one isn't only white and in the black one the walls are grey - which is really awesome, I would never think of that!!, but it seems that way) (I sipped my coffee in the black one, but you've already figured that one out ;))

I shall not reveal too much, go and check it out yourself. And wear a dress when you go. That place is destined for dresses. Ahhhhh!!


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