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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ahhhhhhh.... Blogging...
Yesterday I was thinking about this whole mess I'm in... I came to thoroughly analyise every single aspect of blogging and after a while I realised, there's not much you really can analyise.
It's simple as that - either you love it or you don't. (Should have ended with that, right?) (Would be much more dramatic, just like in b&w cinema)
As fashion is dramatically expanding and pentrating every single aspect of people's lives (Whether you're able to say it out loud or not - don't kid yourself, there'll always be a point in your life where you'll trade your beloved sneakers for stilletos...), so is blogging. (Huh, I'm good in this - totally sound like a real journalist...) (Why do I even go to school?!) (Ohhhh, so I finally learn how to STOP. USING. BRACKETS.)
When you start blogging part-anonymously/part-rudderless you don't really think about what a world you've entered... It was kind of natural after constantly brining issues of Vogue (& LOVE) (& W) (&...) to school and re-reading the articles (far more interesting than the lessons in school) and browsing through glossy pages (far more expensive than lunch) and giving advices to my girl friends and styling them for all kinds of events to start doing something that would in whole express my utter love for this insane world.

Hmmm, how to best picture it?

It's like this... 
How the world sees bloggers: 
COCKTAILS. EGOCENTRICITY. (Hmmmm, what else?) (Hmmmm, oh yeah - they do nothing)

How it actually is:
If I were a waiter and my obligations were glasses full of wine (I would be totally wet) (mostly because although I have calendars on both my iPhone and in my Moleskine - I'm just bad bad bad when it comes to actually getting things done) (Shoulda woulda coulda kind of gal) (So classy) I would be handling wines called "Shoots", "Outfits", "Photo proccessing", "Photoshop", "Uploading the photos", "Getting several platforms to work", "Writing the post", "Writing about the post", "Visiting other blogs", "Updating", "Updating", "Updating"... Cool, huh? 
One day I was curled up in front of my computer (I have to buy a laptop, my back is killing meeee!!) (And no, computer, this is not a reason for you to magically stop working like my iPhone did when I said I didn't love him anymore... I love you, we just need to find you a girl so you two can live happily ever after) in my pajamas and wearing my favourite blanket as a sweater (It's pink ;)) and I was so so so tired and feeling like the only thing I could do properly is sleep for 24hours (and drink champagne, I can always drink champagne), but I had to finish my post so I stayed up late and did all the collages... Afterwards, well, the morning after, when I was able to funcion again (Just like computers - I was On again, not on Standby anymore) I was happy as I always am when I have the opportunity to do what I love. (Well, sometimes I only come to appreciate it after I stop trying not to fell into mud/water/off a building/insert-whatever-you-can-imagine-I've-done-it-all while shooting/being shot)

And, amazingly, this is an opportunity I made for myself... So, when I will be shooting self portraits or posing (I hate posing) (And I'm equally bad at it - but you already know that) or shooting someone else at 5am while standing on tips of my toes in the sea to get the perfect photo I'll just remember not to swear because it's okay.(Haha, maybe one day I'll find my ying and yang - until than, neurosis is equally fun)

Ohhh, and I forgot (how odd for me to do that) - what's the point of it all?
There isn't. For someone it's art. For someone it's a waste of time. For someone a job opportunity. For someone some pretty photos without any meaning.
Could I be doing something better with my time? Probably. No, definitely. I could be saving lifes or building houses for homeless.
I hope to be able someday, but today fashion has that power to make me smile every single day. 

(I know, I know, I'm so inspirative, better than Shakespeare...) (And I can cook, too!!)
(& why do I again have the feeling I forgot to tell you 2/3 of the story?) (Arrrrrgggghhhh!!!) (Standby talking again!!)


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