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Sunday, March 18, 2012

First things first, I gotta apologize for no-photos weekend, it's just that I've been baking cakes all day yesterday (it's my bro's birthday, and he's got a thing for chocolate) and today I reaaaally have to study which means I  don't have the time to deal with the photoshoot process right now. I promise to make it up to you during the week, there'll be some new-in items you'll adore ;)

Okay, now let's talk. (Well, I'm gonna talk, as usual, but don't be shy and leave superlong comments!!)

For a few years (well, ever since I have started noticing guys) (to put it this way - ever since I started seeing boys as an object of desire and not just friends who can run faster than me) I had this idea that couples should be in sync. You know, they have to be aesthetically appealing. Good looking. Ying and yang. All that stuff.
Which meant whenever I saw a couple I thought what is it about them that makes me all gushy... or on the other hand, what makes me say "No no no no no no".
Well, I came up with a few answers. (one day I'll write a book) (it's gonna be called Lucija land) (Just like Sheldonopolis!!) (& it's going to be my version of Platon's The Republic) (but modern) (& chic)
Okaaay, back to the subject. Rules:

no.1 The guy should not be more than 0,5 meters (1,6 feet) taller than the girl   - Why, you ask? Well, it's just that it kind of creeps the hell out of me when I see couples like that. You know, he's a basketball player and she's so short even when she's wearing heels. I just can't picture them at the end of the romantic comedy kissing  (try it - if it doesn't work they're just not meant for each other) (Rule in a rule) (This one will apply to practically all other rules) 
no.2 The girl/the guy cannot be way more beautiful than the guy/girl - Why, you ask? A matter of balance. If someone's way more attractive in a relationship, it just makes another person feel really insecure and not really trusting. (And sometimes, throwing-pans-at-the-wall crazy)
no.3 The guy cannot be much shorter than the girl - Why, you ask? Well, it was just really weird for me to see it. I don't know. Guy should always be the one who leans in to kiss a girl. It's just like that. (You're probably thinking how I watched too many romantic comedies) (& you're so right, it's not even funny any more)

For those of you who are now rolling your eyes and thinking "Whaaat?! You crazy, girl?!" - STOP. I said above "For a few years" - that means something has changed. (!!) (Ha!) (A twist!!)
It started with the rule number 3... I started seeing so many fashion couples who are just right for each other even though the guy is way shorter than the girl (Garance Doré and Scott Schuman ring a bell to you?!) and sloooowly, I started changing my mind.
Now, when I think about it, as I'm constantly wearing 15 cm (6 inch) heels it's hard to find a guy who is taller than me. And it's okay. (What the heck, they should already try and do a new type of romantic comedies to please all parts of the viewership) So, it kind of softened me when it comes to other things, too. Who cares who looks how. If the shoe fits... 

Somehow it happens whenever I establish some rules I break them. (Ahhhh, I guess it's my rebelious crazy nature) (That sounded like I'm a monkey) (Or a pirate) (I kind of like the pirate option) (Okay, I'm bla bla bla-bing again...) 
Ohhhhh, I just remembered, I can't make up my mind about the man products stuff... Can a man have more mascara on his eyelashes than a girl & can that relationship still work? Ahhhh sooo many questions!!

What do you guys think? 


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