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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A few days ago, I went on a totally sudden ski trip. (That's my way of saying I'm sorry for the lack of posts) (Yeah, yeah, I've missed you too.)

It was so sudden I had no time to shop, no time to pack and no time to think. It ended with me taking totally unnecessary things with me and leaving the ones I totally needed at home. (and by that I mean  fully damaging my eyes because my sunglasses were left sleeping on my desk) (too much tears, too little time to cry because crying on the slope means falling and I am not used to falling) (Ohhhh yeah, just so you know - I'll talk to you about that one time - I don't fall while skiing - totally not chic) (Although, I'm not quite sure how that's even possible because I ski like a maniac, especially at night - soooo good)

Okay, enough with the brakes and babbling.

What I really wanted to say before I started to talk to you all like we've been to hell and back together is that I was not at all prepared. But at least I had an apology. And after this post, you won't. Hah!
I was taking a ski lift - to put it this way, I was sitting in a gondola ( in the air = terrifying!!) and as the ride takes cca. 5 minutes I was also thinking about, well, everything and anything that would distract me from thinking about how high in the air I am. (And how I'm for sure gonna crash because I'm that 0,001 percent of people that have no luck at all)
I came to a conclusion that people don't really have any idea what they are doing when dressing for the snow and little by little I came up with:


1) Find a great color for your ski suit OR find a great color for you ski jacket and your ski pants but make sure they match - well, no futher explanation needed, right? Don't go neon, please. Neon on the ski slope is just so wrong, no matter how fashion forward you are. I would always choose a great two piece outfit for the snow - I'm that gal - single color jacket and the same rule for pants. In love with the green + white combo. Totally chic.

2) Match your skis, ski boots and sticks with your ski suit - oookay, this one's really important because people kind of forget they ski on their skis, you know, so they end up wearing red jacket, black pants, white ski boots, neon yellow + green skiis and blue sticks. And I'm standing there in complete shock thinking where's the ice cream truck.

3) Find a really great helmet OR a really great ski cap - I found an amazing white helmet with a beautiful light grey illustration on it; here you can really go crazy if you want to and if you have everything else b&w - pink to spice it up, or keep it simple with something white with a print; rule no.2 applies here also

4) Don't ever ever ever match your ski suit with your boyfriend's - I've seen tons of cases like this and the last one was so funny I just had to stop in the middle of the slope to LOL, a man and a woman in matching like the grass green ski suits, green ski caps and neon skis (I know fashion should not discriminate, but it does) (And it's often hilarious)

5) Sunglasses - I am really not fond of those ski glasses everyone wears, you just look really alien-ish and the glass is almost always either bright yellow or orange; take you Chanel/Ray Ban/ Police/ _______ sunnies and ski off!!; Ohhhhh I almost forgot - this rule applies only to those who already know what they're doing on the slopes, there is nothing less chic than a person falling and breaking their sunglasses all at once

6) Nourishing face creme - unless you like the whole Jeti look - you know, skin like the wood crust and everything, apply as often as possible

You know what I like about these? They can be applied to both men and women, and that's kind of a reason why I posted a photo of that chic gentleman above. A-mazing!!

Are there more? Fill me in if you can think of something else!!


I have to show you all the photos, as soon as I get some sleep!!

And the place where we stayed!!

And if you'll be especially decent, maybe even what I wore (even though I said noone gets to see that!!)

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