Christmas in Vienna

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I was in Vienna over the weekend. (that's the reason for the lack of posts) (I was too busy drinking too much Starbucks) (Have you ever realized that Starbucks is now like a special kind of drink? You know, it's how you say I'm going to pick up my Starbucks and head to work...) (How does anyone ever know what are you really drinking?) (Wow, I'm so groundbreaking)
And I enjoyed every single minute of my stay. It was magical! All the lights and the decorations... All the happy faces and all the gold and shine. Oh, I wish I lived in Vienna every single time I'm there. (Except for the german language - I can't stand it, especially because I can understand it perfectly) (& that has no sense at all)
So, now I'm gonna apologize for a super long post - I just wanted to show you all the decorations. The upper half of the post are the photos from all around the city and the bottom half are all the pretty things that are sold on the stands at the christmas market. 
Next post - some beautiful snaps of Vienna's attractions and what I wore.


Leave me a comment saying which photo is your favourite!

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