All I want for Christmas...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

To finish the sentence - All I want for Christmas... is a Chanel no.5 and a certain someone, it's not Christmas yet and I already have half of it in my hands... Sounds like a good start, huh?

Ohhh, I totally wanna wish you a beautiful, happy and sparkly Christmas! And also, I want to thank every single person that visits this blog on a regular basis for making my days seem pretty good, you know? ;)
I wanted to share my favourite things to do on the day before Christmas:
- make glittery christmas decorations and have my hand all glittery which make my whole room all glittery which make my whole apartmenet all glittery which makes me insanely happy (and left with no clean clothes!!)
- bake cookies, preferably with chocolate (who am I kidding, chocolate is the only ingredient)
- watch same old christmas movies filled with happy endings (mine is every role in Love Actually) (And The Holiday) 
- drink insanely hot tea and then spice it up with some hot chocolate
- go through December issues of Vogue
- remember the past year and sing the magic christmas songs 

What are your traditions? & What do you wish for this year? (Ohhh, I totally sound like Oprah!!) (& totally is my word of the day today)

Merry Christmas!

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