Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fair warning, as usual, this post is gonna be all over the place. But, as I all love you so much it's only fair to tell you and show you everything. (Well, almost everything, as you'll discover in a while...)

No matter how cold (although I don't know if this that's happening outside we can even call 'cold'?) (Coldish?) (Not? Hmm...) (I'm not really thinking about it, I just like how 'Hmmm...' sounds really wise) it is, I don't really mind wearing sandals. I have my pretty pepita clutch to keep me warm. 

Now you're asking - Where are the outfit photos? (I know you are, just like you're wondering why Justin Bieber is singing about Mistletoe in the middle of October)
Well, in order to understand the severity of the problem, I'll have to tell you a story. Actually, it is a pretty good story and everyone who has heard it burst out laughing. (Maybe it's because they've also seen me.... - Oh, you'll see, in a minute) (Not me, the point) (Just let me start talking already!!)
So, I just came from school yesterday afternoon and was going through my shoe cabinet looking for a perfect pair for a coffee date later, and as my cabinet is pretty small (because I never put all of my shoes in one place) (I prefer having them all around my room so I can look at them) (and smile) and I prefer bending over crouching, I kind of became paralyzed right there, in front of my shoe cabinet. (It's actually a tragicomical story) I've had severe back pains before, (I guess wearing heels so much + having a bag size of Alaska does that to you) but this is news for me. After that, with help of my mom I got to my bed. (I just laid there, like a sea calf, unable to move without making high pitch 'Auuucchhh' sounds) I couldn't really go to my coffee date in the end. (Nor could I have my photos taken) Not being able to walk was the main problem. The 'I-can't-go-to-pee' and 'I-can't-shower-or-get-dress-or-anything-at-all' situations represented an issue, too. 
Today, after cocktails of pills, massages and lying in different disgraceful positions in order to make my spine go back to its right place, I can walk. (Well, I can only use my right leg properly) (The left one serves something like a tail now) (I drag it, cause I can't stand on it really) (So glamorous, just try to picture the whole thing)
Ohhh, but I didn't tell you that one thing why there are no photos!! 
My doctor strictly said to me - no heels. (I heard 'For a while', too) (So, no heels = no photos = no me)
And what is fashion without heels? Not my thing. (Btw, I'll be fine in a while... working on it!!)


Is it just me or does this photo has Christmas written all over?

The clutch is vintage, shoes are by Zara

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