The ULTIMATE GUIDE for a perfect vacation in Malta

Sunday, September 4, 2011

As you know, I came back from Malta a few days ago after a perfect week of partying, sightseeing, enjoying myself with my friends, and swimming in the crystal blue sea.
I gathered all the info for you in case you decide to go to Malta on your next vacation - and you should! (I'm sure I'm coming back next summer!)

there are two official languages - Maltese and English
traffic drives on the left-hand side of the road
rain is nowhere to be found between May and October so the feeling when you land in Malta is like there is no oxygen, just like in sauna
it's so hot you feel like you're gonna die
siesta is a custom in Malta, where local people take a nap/lunch break from 1pm to 4pm
tapped water is not allowed for drinking, you'll have to buy bottled 

to stay - St Julians (a small touristic town where all the tourists are staying)
to eat - there are plenty of cute Italian restaurants that serve delicious pasta and pizza everywhere, you just have to look! (if you are not a fan of Italian cuisine, you will find Turkish, Indian, sushi and fast food restaurants in St Julians, and if you want more, take a bus to the coast where all the shops are - super cheap & yummy at  the same time)
to go out - Bay Street is the heaven on earth for party people - from lounges, pubs and clubs to nargile bars; my personal favourites are Koyote club, Havana and Hugo's (that's where the best parties are); if you are staying in St Julians, you'll be staying in one of the hotels that have a view on Bay Street so don't worry, you cannot miss it (just follow the people haha!)
to get a tan - every hotel has a pool on the roof, pretty good place to start; if you are a fan of the sea, you'll have to take a bus and go to Gozo (my favourite - Ramla Bay beach, the sand is orange) and a lot of people are fond of the Blue Lagoon beach on island Comino, for me -it's pretty, but too crowded and nowhere to drink or eat something or to put your stuff on the beach (and fashionistas have plenty of stuff) (and also, no shelter from the sun what so ever)
to take a dive - islands Gozo and Comino (especially the caves), there are plenty of diving centers to choose from
to shop - Valetta, the capital city of Malta is really close if you are staying in St Julians, just take a cab; if you want more (and you'll probably want more, Valetta is no shopping heaven) take a bus no. 11,12 or 13 to Sliema - there's a shopping mall The Point and if you continue walking, you'll find Zara, Topshop and all the other high street brands 

to eat - you'll want to try their national specialty - rabbit meat in a wine sauce; fish is also popular, as is italian food (Sicily is only 93 km away)
to take with you on vacation - loads of clothes, as you'll be sweating like in a sauna, and I mean it; sunnies and a hat are a must, too
to see - Valetta (lovely town!), Mdina (city of silence), Rabat and it's catacombs, St Anthony botanical garden, Golden Bay beach, Blue grotto cave (so beautiful! definitely to-go place for a swim)
to expect in terms of prices - you'll have to buy plenty of water and probably lunch (almost all the hotels have half board service), drinks in clubs are reasonable priced and the tickets to museums, churches etc. are also pretty inexpensive; - when compared to Greece and Italy nearby, much cheaper!

to travel to Malta: there are plenty of options - cruisers, ferries, flights - I recommend planes, it's just easier
to travel on Malta: buses are really cheap and fast (1.60 euros costs the daily ticket for buses), if you choose taxi - bargain, it's a custom there (and it can be really cheap, too) - when going to Gozo - take a ferry, in a half an hour you're there; if you option for Comino - take a boat taxi (so much fun when the wind is blowing and the waves are strong!)


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