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Monday, June 27, 2011

Generally, I adore weddings. I am attracted to all the glam, white & glitter connected to them. And in most cases, everybody is so... cheerful.
Even the dark & twisty people find themselves enjoying either the food or the company of other people.
And, for fashionistas - there is the dress. Is it a simple wedding? Or a grand one? Glamorous? Edgy? Formal or informal? Candles or flowers? And after midnight - is she staying in the wedding dress or changing into something short, but also fabulous?
And, ohhhh I love! those moments when you dress up, get your make up done, put the shoes on and feel like a princess.

However, that was not one of those beautiful sparkly nights for me. Of course it wasn't, we are talking bout me here. 

So, after I enjoyed dressing up and all the preps that had to be made, I got to the hotel where the wedding was held. And, a few moments after that, it was more like that dream you have in high school, when you walk into school naked and embarrass yourself so nobody can forget it, ever.
There I was, all dressed up in my short pale pink 'samba' dress, nude heels, matching bag, pearls and loads of eyeliner, boring myself to death. 
So far, I have fallen over some undeveloped toddler who is about to be 13 or so, drank absolutely nothing cause all they serve is some cheap wine, ran from few guys who are desperate to know me better, and been called OLD.
So now, instead of dancing like a maniac on the dance floor with all the poorly dressed - hey! look at my boobs/ass - girls who seem like they are having fun, I am sitting outside, on some bench I found in one of nearby streets, listening to music and eating cake.

Well, at least the cake was good.


I am sorry for not having any photos of the event or my outfit, but I forgot to take my camera.

(photo credit: tumblr.com)

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