Thursday, January 31, 2013

31 January... my favourite day in the year.
With great sadness did I remove the bday countdown today (or better said yesterday as it's already February 1). It marked the end of an era. And a beginning of a new one, the one where I play the main role in the movie called 'The last year as a teenager'.

I got a big cake and 19 balloons and I got awesome gifts and I had a great day. To everyone who wished me a happy birthday - THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU. Whether it were comments, emails, tweets, FB messages - they all made me very happy!
And I hope all your wishes come true! 


I'm wearing and H&M dress and bracelet and Fifth and Orient earrings

You can still enter my giveaway HERE to win 50$ certificate for Fifth and Orient (and have the earrings I'm wearing here for example!)

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