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Sunday, December 2, 2012

My exams are over. (I still don't have the results) (Well I'm free for now - no exams till January) 
I went out yesterday to celebrate a bit and got a really great idea for this's week's inspiration & I guess you'll quite like it as it will be something you can all DIY. So yeah, be excited. (Obviously - I'm not really good at being cryptic)
Also, I realized a good night out is nothing if you don't return home without at least one missing piece of jewelry. (Only this summer I lost half of my friendship bracelets collection)

Not to bother you with much talk as I'll do that in future post thoroughly, I'm just gonna say how cute it is that my jacket matches the background in the photos, right? Those were the times when you could walk around without a coat. 

Sheinside jacket, Zara leather pants and top, H&M bag, Humanic boots


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