What I snapped: #7

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

There's noone who loves tutus more than me. And I mean it. So why not do a shoot and style it just like that - tutu chic all the way. Here are three ways to wear it - we kind of thought of it as:
*Grease, the movie - tutu skirt + polka dot top (with Converse as a reference to old times, with heels to how it can be done now)
*P.I.Tchaikovsky, The Nutcracker, a ballet - tutu skirt + body (you just get that ultimate chic we always identify with ballet dancers)
* Beyonce, If I were a boy, a song - tutu skirt + baseball jacket + some attitude (don't you just envision her in a crowd-filled court watching the guys playing hoops?)

Or, to put it shortly - three ways to identify yourself as someone more theatrical, more out of your comfort zone, but at the same time being a person you really are. There are a hundred more ways to do it. 

The person you're seeing in the photos is Nina, once again. (all the other snaps of her are here)

edit: Oh, and just a quick update as I'm tired as hell - I just moved (whole new city, whole new apartement, whole new life) and my first week at college started (whole new life, I tell ya) so I'm taking all the blame for poor blog's maintanance and lousy schedule considering post updates. I'll make it up to you, you'll see. First step - scroll down. 

Oh, as many of you will want to know... here's what she's wearing:
tutu - by me, Skinny body (white), H&M baseball shirt, H&M polka dot top, S'Oliver polka dot cardigan, Esprit dark denim jacket, Topshop washed-off denim jacket, Ray Ban sunglasses, H&M and vintage jewelry, YSL lipstick


Don't forget to mention your favourites in the comments!

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