Name day

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday, today is my name day. It is basically a day mainly celebrated in Europe and Latin America (wow, I'm actually gonna teach you something!!) that consists of celebrating the day of the year associated with one's given name. 
The main name days here in Croatia are St Nicholas, St Valentine, St John and St Lucija. It's kind of a really happy holiday for people associated with these names while these days are known to practiacally every person there is in Croatia (and probably in Europe), meaning everyone congratulates you, while your birthday is know only to a closer circle of friends. (Well, now that close circle of friends is more like 500 friends... thanks Facebook)
I love it because it marks the beginning of my favorite season of the year, which starts on December 6 when it's Saint Nicholas' day, and ends with my birthday - January 31. (Happiness, gifts, glitter & chocolate!!)
These earrings are one of the beautiful gifts I got today. (And one of few that weren't edible!!) (Good bye my dreams of being french-chic skinny for Christmas holidays) 

Ohhhh, okay, my super quick pause is now over and I need to go study some more & sleep some less.
Say it with me: Just until the end of this week. Just until the end of this week.

And now, I suppose some beautiful 'Happy name day, Lucija' comments are in order? ;)


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