Look of the day: DENIM & LEATHER

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's freakishly hot these days, which makes me walk just in my shirt - in this case my favourite denim shirt - and be honored to receive multiple strange looks from people aged 9-99 thinking "Whaat? Is she nuts? It's December!!)
(Like I'm so in love with it - for goodness's sake, it's December - it should be snowing & so cold you can't feel your fingers!! - kind of like this) (Also, as my name day is tomorrow, it reminded me of how insanely happy with all that cold I usually am at this time of the year) (& yes, this is just an invite for you to congratulate me on my name day) (I promise I'll talk about it more tomorrow... maybe you learn something!!)
I wish I could just walk in my pajama silk pants all the time. (You know what I'm talking about, right? Here!! I mean, the weather is just perfect, the only thing missing are the pants!!)
Instead of (obviously non-existent in my closet) silk pajama pants I wore my favourite denim & leather pieces in my closet.
+ a bit of gold. Again. I can't help myself.

Shirt - Topshop, skirt - Topshop, bag - H&M, boots - my mom's vintage, rings, bracelet - H&M, necklace - ASOS, coat - by me 

I wish you all a happy, successful week!!


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