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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey guys, sorry for a delay in posting, I just have so much to do since the school started. It's my final year and it's already rough. Super super rough. So much I'm so exhausted I fell asleep at 7pm yesterday! Talk about a healthy schedule!
Thank god it's Friday and I had the time to do some fashion catch up because I stumbled upon this gorgeous collection which, in my opinion, has a garnment for everyone. It's so perfect I would invest in half of it!
It's by the gorgeous russian lady Uliana Sergienko, whose fashion streetstyle stardom I covered here, and from now I am completely from-head-to-toe in love with her!

Her collection is just so pretty, like Alexa Chung meets Audrey Hepburn with a hint of Marylin.
And the photos - too gorgeous, right?!


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