Fashionista crush: CAROLINE ISSA

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do you know who Caroline Issa is? Well, I do, which is really cool because now I can tell everything I know about her to you. And then you'll be super smart and world will be a prettier place. Am I being overly enthusiastic?
Anyway, you've probably seen her photo somewhere - they have flooded the internet lately. 
And she is one of my favourites, because she's an editor, but known about mostly as a chic chic chic lady. And I love chic. It just sounds right.

So, let's talk about her a little more before I turn this into a post about me. She's the publisher and executive fashion director of Tank Magazine - London based magazine featuring fashion, culture and beauty.  In an interview with she stated that shoes were definitely her thing and the higher the heel the better. And in the end, when you look at her, she is a perfect girl wearing an urban look, but in an outrageously elegant way. 
And sometimes I just stare at her face and don't even notice the latest ├╝ber elegant yet cool outfit.

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I would love to get some feedback, do you like these style files and whatever else you may think should be important/great/better!


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